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Narrative Teks :" Arrogant Queen" , for story telling

Arrogant Queen
By : Putri Sulistia Rini

                One upon a time there is Queen, named Angelia. She was very beautiful and she had a beautiful voice. But she was very ..very arrogant. One day she was singing her favourite song. But suddenly..... what happened  ?

Queen : “ Will you remember me the way i remember you, you’re the sweetest every moment with you is the sweettest one.......hek hek ..hek. What hapend with my voice. I can’t sing high sound. What happend ?  I have to consultation to a shaman.... ah ah ah .... Soldier,  soldier come here..... come here !

Then a soldier came and ask to her

Souldier : (He gave admiration )  What’s up your majesty ! what can i do for you ?
Queen   : There is a provlem with mya voice now call a shaman to come here. Don’t take  long time !!!! Right Nowww
Souldier : Okayy okay , of course .( He ran quickly )

Then the siouldier looked for a shaman. And he bring the shaman to Queen Angelia.

Soldier : Hey you must be carefull with Queen Angelia she is very cruel
Shaman : Yes... yes

Then Qeen Angelia said to the shaman 
Queen : Heyy Mba dukun come here i have a problem wth mya voice (She shouted)
Shaman : Yes.. what can i do for you your majety.
Queen : Hey you not respect ne ?
Shaman  : Of course i respect you !
 Queen : But whay you not give me admiration ? ( said the queen )

The sahaman confuse and he said “ What can i do ?”

Queen : Oh you don’t know just like my solder i. You must put your hand up  near your ear to give admiration to me  and put down if i say “ i  receive  your admiration“ okay do it now !

 Then  the shaman gave his admiratin to the arrogant queen 

Queen : Okay i receive your admiration , acctually i have a problem with my voice i can’t   sing high sound so what can i do ?
Shaman : That is easy you have to eat an crocodile egg
Queen : Haaaaa, a crocodile egg ! where  i can find it ? in the zoo ?
Shaman  : No in the middle of big forest near here
Queen : Okay now you or other find it and give to me ?
Shaman : Em me em em yeeeees ,,o o of , course majesty but it is dangerous
Queen : i think, It is no problem . But a can’t go because  if i go it can  make my voice bad turn ( she gave false pretenses)
Shaman : Okay i will order a rabbit to find it for you !    
Queen: Oh good idea .....!

Then The shaman ask to the rabbit to look for the egg. Acctualy the rabbit refuse it but the queen said that se want to kill him if he refuse it. Then with perfoce he did it. The rabbit arrive him family to look for the crocodile egg . And He went to the forest to look for big crocodile and to take the egg. He walked and walked and in the way he always sang a song. 

Rabbit   : Tra la la laa.....

And after he arrived in the forest  he found a big river. And he looked around. Sudennly he found a big crocidile with some egg under the crocodile. And the rabbit approaching it and said to her.

Rabbit : Excuse me !
Buaya : Emmm  whow a rabbit
Rabbit : I’ m sorry for disturb you , i really sorry about that !
Buaya : No problem,, do you need any help ? Are you lost ?, or a snake disturb you ? 
 Rabbit  : “ No , but i have to look for crocodile egg .emm you know angelia Queen ?
 Buaya  : Ha who is it ?
Rabbit   : She is a queen in a castle she is beautiful adn have a beatiful voice
Buaya   : Ohhhh i see. She is an arrogant queen

Rabbit   : Aaaaa... acctually she have a problem with her voice soo she order me    to  take crocodile egg to cure her voice. So can you give me an  egg for Angelina Queen please  ?“

Buaya   : Haaaaa.... are you crazy it is my first child  and you want to take it  i don’t permit   you, now go from here

Rabbit   : Please slow down , ...just one just one please help me
Buaya   : No
Rabbit   : if i not brig it for her, Queen angelina will kill me . Please hep me ? ( he cry )

 Then the crocodile thought it seriously , and suddenly she got an idea

Buaya  : Oh   i have an idea. Actually i have an broken egg . If you want it you can  take it

Rabbit   : But , are you sure it can cure Queen Anggelina
Buaya   : No, but i think it is better for us. You can live again and i can keep my  egg
Rabbit   : Okay Deal
Buaya   : Here is it !
Rabbit   : Thank you

 Than the rabbit came to the castle and gave it to Queen Angelina. And the queen cook it and ate it gredily . After she ate it she sang her fafourite song

Queen : Lalalalalalalalalla oh my voice very beautiful before than .....
 But sudenly her voice became husky and husky and her face became ugly . Then other people not identified her, and she was driven from the castle. And she became poor. Ohhh how poor she is !!


:) Thank’s . that is my story if there are many mistakes in my story please forgive me okay. No how do you think about my story ! do you want tell it to your friens or your child ? ithink it is exsact for all of people. 100 %  i made it by my self, i just junior high school student so i just know a little about english language. Than if there are many mistakes i say again, I’m sorry !

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